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Aug 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
out there. at the same time you have -- [ gunfire ] we're okay. >> arwa joins us now from beirut, another middle eastern capital, that has seen violence this week after a car bomb killed 18 and injured nearly 300. arwa, welcome. we've just seen this video of you. >> reporter: thank you. >> we've just seen video of you ducking bullets. walk us through that scene. tell us a little bit about the background. what happened there? >> reporter: well, we arrived at one of the squares that the pro-morsi demonstrators were trying to take over after they had been assaulted, attacked in the main two cairo sit-in areas. they were trying to establish themselves in this new location. we arrived, we could hear a gunfire in the background. it seemed to be coming from the other side of the square from where we were standing. the demonstrators that were in the square itself seemed to be fairly relaxed and all of a sudden in the middle of that live broadcast, one bullet, very distinct sound, that hissing sound going past one's ear, ducked for cover and then pretty intense gunfire. what you don't see
Aug 11, 2013 8:00am PDT
that russia currently has a larger arsenal than the u.s. with 8,500 nuclear weapons in its possession. of course exact numbers are closely guarded state secret. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. stay tuned for "reliable sources." >>> it's the end of an era at the "washington post." and no one knows what's in store next. jeff bezos pays $250 million and takes over the news operation that took down a president. but can the guy who gave us the kindle give the news business a much-needed boost? >>> a new sports network is here, fox sports 1, with live sports like major league baseball. >> unbelievable! >> college football. ufc, college basketball, nascar and more. >> yes, espn has a new arch rival, thanks to rupert murdoch. we'll talk to the head of espn about how he plans to keep fox from scoring. >>> jon stewart still not here in a huge deal. he's actually being taken over by amazon ceo jeff bezos. >> and it's the biggest battle for late-night since leno and letterman or leno and conan. maybe jimmy and jimmy. now it's jon versus john.
Aug 25, 2013 8:00am PDT
of the times, the development of television, the pervasive use of television. television was just coming into most homes in the late '50s and '60s, been around before then. but there's no question that television's coverage of the civil rights movement, taking into people's living rooms what was happening, not some newspaper description or some highly censored or sanitized view, it brought the reality of the viciousness of the opposition to civil rights, particularly in the deep south, into people's living rooms. and then the eloquence and courage of dr. king and those who worked with him, such as john lewis, now a congressman, people could see and hear for themselves. television was the instrument. before television it was easy to deny how much violence there was. it was easy to overlook a leader such as dr. martin luther king. but with television, it brought it into people's living rooms. it changed the country, it changed the society and it changed history. >> now, there is a story that i've heard, and you can correct me if i'm wrong. i heard that you got close to na naacp leader's fa
Aug 4, 2013 8:00am PDT
they're saying i think is, and i use the term very advisedly, it's unamerican and inappropriate and it stinks. boy the way, it's also wildly ineffective. look at the numbers for rush and sean. >> quickly, one-word answers. thom hartmann, will they resolve this? >> yes. >> michael medved? >> will -- >> will cumulus drop rush and sean? >> probably not. >> michael harrison, what's your take? >> maybe. >> all right. we covered the gamut there. thom hartmann, michael medved, michael harrison. >>> hillary mania continues with three things in the works. more on that when we come back. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. ctn that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at where over seventy-five percent of store management started as i'm the next american success story. working for a company hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even to
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)